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Metadata, Classes, and Properties


Metadata is information that describes various facets of an information asset to improve its usability throughout its lifecycle.

All saved objects in the vault are described with metadata:

  • Type (Class), such as a Contract or Correspondence
  • Relations to other objects, such as the matter to which a document is attached
  • Permissions through metadata, such as who has Full Access or Read Access to a document
  • Automatic metadata, such as an audit trail that shows who made edits to a document

To view the metadata for a document, navigate to the Home view, select the document, and click the Metadata card in the right-hand pane. 

Objects, Classes, and Properties

M-Files organizes data into Objects and then Classes:

  • Matter Object
    • Matter Class
  • Person Object
    • Staff Class
  • Document Object
    • Email Class
    • Memo Class

Each class is given a number of “Properties” (fields) that hold data about the object in that class. Properties are defined independently and can be used on one or more classes.



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