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Associating Users to Staff Records

The final step of adding a new login account as a user on your vault requires mapping that login to the equivalent “Staff” (Person) record inside the vault. This step links the matter-level security to documents based on the user’s logical group, private matter, and limited access rights.

To associate a Vault User to the Staff records:

  1. Login to the M-Files client using an Administrator or Vault Admin account.
  2. Navigate to the Staff folder and locate the Staff record of the new user. (Note: the records synchronize from eCounsel; if you do not see the person listed, the synchronization may not yet have occurred.)
  3. On the Metadata card, click the Vault User field and select the correlating login account.
  4. Click Save. This step applies the user's security across all existing documents. Depending on the size of the database, this step can take a while to complete.
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