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Administrator Permissions

Mitratech Document Vault features two levels of administrative rights:

  • Administrators can make any changes on the server level and perform any operation on a document vault. For example, Administrators can change the server logins and create and delete document vaults.
  • Vault Admins have limited access to Admin Tool functions for their assigned vault(s). These users also have access to many advanced functions within the M-Files client.

Both of these account types are able to see all objects, regardless of security.

Note: For hosted installations in the Mitratech Cloud, one or two users may be granted Vault Admin rights. No end users are granted full administrator rights in hosted installations.

Vault Admins

When logged in as a Vault Admin, a user can perform all the following actions:

  • See and read all objects (including deleted objects), regardless of the permissions specified for the object.
  • Create new objects.
  • Edit read-only objects.
  • Restore deleted objects.
  • Destroy objects.
  • Undo a checkout made by another user. The changes made to the document during the checkout will not be saved on the server.
  • Change permissions for any object, regardless of the permission settings for the object. For example, a Vault Admin can remove another user's edit permissions from a document, even if the Vault Admin does not have edit permission on that document.
  • Change the vault metadata structure, such as adding a new document class or value list.
  • Manage user accounts, such as adding or removing users from the vault. Note that a Vault Admin does not control the login account itself and cannot, for example, change a user password.
  • Manage common views and notification rules using the M-Files client.

Caution: When logged in as a Vault Admin, you can override settings necessary for the integration between eCounsel and M-Files. Mitratech Document Vault is specifically configured to communicate with eCounsel; changes to the configuration can cause catastrophic failure of the data synchronization and integration between the Vault and eCounsel or cause damage to the security paradigm. With the exception of the functions described within this document, no settings or configuration should be modified within Mitratech Document Vault, unless otherwise instructed by Mitratech.


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