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Mitratech Document Vault includes the following components:

  • Mitratech Document Vault Server: Powered by M-Files Server, this server manages the storage of all documents and associations between matters and documents.
  • Mitratech Document Vault Desktop Client: Available for Microsoft Windows, this locally-installed interface allows users to view and associate documents with matters. The Client should be installed on all computers for users who frequently add and review documents for matters. Typically, the users who have the Client on their desktop are named users.
  • Mitratech Document Vault Web: This browser-based interface allows users to view documents attached to matters. This interface can be configured for access through a tab or widget in eCounsel. The Web interface has functionality similar to the desktop client, but is intended for Read-Only and concurrent users.

Some features are available in the Desktop Client but not in the Web interface:

  • The ability to create and edit views
  • The ability to view security rights on documents
  • The Most Recently Accessed panel (however, the Web interface does include a similar link in the left pane)
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel) using a plugin
  • Access to the virtual M:\ drive
  • Check-in reminders when closing Microsoft Office documents
  • Offline availability
  • Annotations
  • The ability to Save As or Convert to PDF
  • Highlighted search results
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