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Mitratech Document Vault Administrator's Guide

This Administrator's Guide covers functions that are unique to administrators of a Document Vault implementation. Many of these Vault Admin functions require installation and configuration of the M-Files Admin Tool on a local desktop machine. Other functions are available within the M-Files Client but are only allowed with certain levels of rights.

Mitratech Document Vault integrates Suite with a Document Management System (DMS) that allows you to store and manage all documents related to a matter. Mitratech Document Vault is a full-featured DMS designed to provide best practices as an integral part of enterprise legal management (ELM).

Why is Mitratech Document Vault essential to any legal department?

  • The amount of information legal departments must view, digest, and maintain increases rapidly with time, and traditional solutions make managing content virtually impossible because of changing folder structure, file naming, and file locations.
  • Legal documents must be kept secure and manual control over that security is a challenge.

By using Mitratech Document Vault, documents are classified when they are saved, creating a quickly accessible and more precise structure than folder hierarchies. The classification structure is managed by the Mitratech Document Vault administrator, so end-users are not burdened. When an end-user saves a document to M-Files, the collected metadata can include the document type, date, and associated matter, person, or company. This classification means the document can be located immediately, versioned automatically, available offline, and re-used when needed.


Mitratech Document Vault is specifically configured to communicate with eCounsel; changes to the configuration can cause catastrophic failure of the data synchronization and integration between the Vault and eCounsel or cause damage to the security paradigm. With the exception of the functions described within this document, no settings or configuration should be modified within Mitratech Document Vault, unless otherwise instructed by Mitratech.


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