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Mitratech Success Center


Q: Can Global Appointment/Promote/Retire/ date changes be made for multiple officers or Directors at one time?

A: There is no option to globally update dates for multiple position simultaneously, this would require a custom script that can be written by our services team if needed. The Global Appoint, Promote, Retire Wizard is designed to update Directors/Officers usually during election where they can opt to do one of three things: appoint one person/company to a position across multiple entities; promote one person/company from one position to another across multiple entities; or retire one person/company from multiple positions and allows for replacement to be elected/appointed. For information on a services engagement, contact your account manager.


Q: Can a Wizard be undone after it has been run?

A: No, you should be cautious when making any changes with a Wizard. The best practice is to print or save a PDF of the summary page after running a Wizard in Secretariat so that you can track the changes that have been made.


Q: I'm unable to produce the documents in the Corporate Meeting Wizard, why is this not working?

A: You must have HotDocs in order to produce documents in Secretariat. For more Information contact your account manager.


Q: Can I create a new Entity from the copy data Wizard?

A: Yes you can! When running the wizard, select the "..." next to the "Copy To" section. When the window pops up, select "Hot Add". See the webinar & tips and tricks section for more detailed instructions.