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Report Administration

A user with Report Administration security attribute rights can edit templates using the Reports module. To add templates, a user must be assigned the Template Import security attribute. In addition to the templates that are shipped with Suite, templates created in HotDocs or Crystal Reports can be imported.

Tab-specific Reports

Some of the reports available to you in the Reports module also are available from certain tabs. These tab-specific reports generate reports based on information available to that tab.


Categories are a method of grouping items based on the information they contain or the reason they are generated. Only a user with Reports Administrator rights can create categories (done using the Lookups component in Suite Manager).

To assign a template to a category, highlight the template and click Edit to open the Reports dialog box. Click the dropdown arrow in the Category field. Select the appropriate category. Note that templates can only be assigned to one category.

To add an item to your favorites list, select it and click the image Add to Favorites button. To remove an item, click the Favorites tab, select the item, and click image Remove from Favorites.

Widget-compatible Reports

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform reports in the Reports module also can be made available in the BusinessObjects Crystal Report widget on the home page. The most suitable BusinessObjects reports return limited data and execute quickly. You must designate each BusinessObjects report as widget-compatible when editing the template properties.

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