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PolicyHub v5.4 Release Highlights

PolicyHub v5.4 Release Highlights – a set of new reports

Main highlight #1: Workflow Reports

Workflow Summary Report

  • Displays a summary of the workflow status for a policy or group of policies
  • Includes details on the current approval status and where each policy is in the workflow


Workflow History Report

  • Displays a detailed breakdown of the workflow history for a policy
  • Includes details on what happened in each step of the workflow, who made changes,  comment made and when each step started and completed


Workflows Due to Start Report

  • Displays a list of workflows due to start within the next 30/60/90 days
  • Assists with capacity planning


Workflows Due to Complete Report

  • Displays a list of workflows that are projected to complete within the next 30/60/90 days and also any workflows which are overdue
  • Plan ahead by knowing which policies will be ready for publishing soon


Main highlight #2: Library Reports

Publication Report

  • Shows every publication in the system, including when it was sent and its current status
  • Filter by specific criteria, e.g. Show only those publications with Distribute To New User enabled


Library Item Summary Report

  • Shows all policies in the system, including current version, last published version and details on workflow status


Main highlight #3: SAML 2 Support

  • Extends the range of Single Sign On providers supported to include any that support the SAML 2 protocol
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