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SFTP Changes for Membership Populator Service


The Membership Populator Service is installed on a client’s internal server and is used to automate the creation of the User & Group CSV files and transfer these files to the hosted server via SFTP ready for import into the client’s PolicyHub system.

Updating SFTP Details

  • Connect to the server where the Membership Populator Service is installed

  • Stop the MembershipPopulatorService

  • Browse to the install location of the Membership Populator Service

  • Edit the HitecLabs.MembershipPopulator.Service.exe.config file

  • Update the FtpUri setting with the new SFTP connection:

<setting name="FtpUri" serializeAs="String">



  • Update the FtpUserName setting with the new SFTP user name (if you have been provided with one):

<setting name="FtpUserName" serializeAs="String">



  • Update the FtpPassword setting with the new SFTP password:

<setting name="FtpPassword" serializeAs="String">



  • Check the setting SynchroniseOnServiceStart to see if the synchronisation to the SFTP server will start once the service is restarted::

<setting name="SynchroniseOnServiceStart" serializeAs="String">



  • Save and close the config file.

  • Start the MembershipPopulatorService.

  • If the synchronisation is set to run on the service starting, check the trace text file for any errors.

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