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Save Time and Avoid Confusion by Effectively Using PolicyHub Recipient Lists


Overview of Recipient Lists - 0:01

Recipient lists are used with functions in PolicyHub including Publications, Request Feedback, and Workflow Design. 

Once created, Recipient Lists can be reused multiple times with different functions in PolicyHub. 

Capture 2.PNG

Click on Recipient Lists on the navigation sidebar to access the Recipient Lists.

Capture 1.PNG

This screen includes three tabs at the top:  Groups, Recipient Lists, Unassigned users.

Capture 3.PNG

The Groups Tab contains groups that are established by HR and loaded into PolicyHub.

Capture 14.PNG

The Recipient Lists Tab contains a list of all Recipient Lists created in PolicyHub, active and inactive. 

Capture 4.PNG
  The Unassigned Users Tab includes users that have not been assigned to a Group or Recipient List Capture 15.PNG
  Best Practice:  Create Recipient Lists using Groups first, then when the Groups are updated by HR, the Groups in PolicyHub will be automatically updated.  Capture 13.PNG

Create a New Recipient List - 1:34

Click on the Create New List button of the page.  Capture 5.PNG
  Complete the required information, select the Groups and Users to be included in the List and save the list.  Capture 6.PNG

Edit a Recipient List - 3:10

You can add and remove Groups and Users from the Recipient List by right clicking on the list and selecting Edit. Capture 7.PNG

Activate and Deactivate Recipient Lists - 3:31

Lists are Activated upon saving.  If you need to Deactivate a list, right click on the list and select Deactivate.  Capture 8.PNG
  To Reactivate a list, right click on the list and select Reactivate. Capture 9.PNG

Delete a Recipient List - 3:56

IF a Recipient List has not be used with a function in PolicyHub, it can be deleted.  Right click on the list and select Delete.  You will be prompted to confirm deletion. 

Capture 10.PNG
  If the list has been used, you will not be permitted to delete it.  In this case, a Best Practice is to deactivate the list and add a notation to the description that it has been deactivated.  Capture 11.PNG