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PolicyHub Workflow - Part 1 of 4: Workflow Designs That Steamline Policy Review and Approval

This is part one of a four part series of tips and tricks that will cover the entire workflow process, from creating a new workflow through applying it to a policy and reporting on the progress. This video covers how to create, edit, activate, copy and delete workflow designs.

Workflow Overview - 0:01

Capture 1.PNG

Create a New Workflow - 2:43

Capture 2.PNG

Adding Actions to a Workflow - 9:41

Capture 3.PNG

Validate A Workflow - 14:08

Capture 4.PNG

Activate a Workflow - 15:05

Capture 5.PNG

Edit An Existing Workflow - 15:17

Capture 6.PNG

Delete A Workflow - 15:41

Capture 6.1.PNG

Copy A Workflow - 16:02

Capture 6.2.PNG

Client Success Center - 16:29

Capture 7.PNG

Videos In This Series - 16:44 

Capture 8.PNG


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