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Encourage Use with Intuitive Folder Structures

Do your users or administrators have trouble locating documents in the Library? Maintaining your folder structure is one of the best ways to prevent this from happening.  This video gives you the tools to create and maintain a folder structure that makes it easier for users and administrators to locate documents.

This video is recorded using PolicyHub 5.1 and the features demonstrated are also available in earlier versions.  


Tips and Tricks

Best Practice - 0:55

Keep the folder structure as flat as possible by limiting the number of subfolders.  This will make it easier for your users and administrators to find documents.   Capture 14.PNG Capture 13.PNG

Create New Folders - 1:07

To Create a New Folder, right click on the library and select New.  Add the name of your folder and click Enter.  Capture 3.PNG Capture 6.PNG

Rename Folders - 1:29

To Rename a Folder, right click on the Folder and select Rename.  Put in the new folder name and click Enter.   Capture 17.PNG Capture 18.PNG

Rearrange Folders - 1:46

Rearrange Folders by dragging and dropping one folder into another.  This will automatically move any documents in the folder along with the folder to the new location.      

Delete Folders - 2:10

Folders can be Deleted if there are no published documents in the folder.  To Delete a folder, right click on the folder, select Delete and confirm the deletion of the folder.  Capture A1.PNG Capture 11.PNG


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