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PolicyHub is the Corporate Governance Policies & Procedures Management solution from Mitratech that tracks and proves compliance in regulated businesses.

It enables and controls the targeted distribution of compliance documentation within an enterprise.


The purpose of this guide is to help recipients of Corporate Compliance Documentation understand the structure and layout of the PolicyHub Inbox and to assist them in using it effectively and efficiently.

Additional Information

This guide contains detailed information and stepbystep instructions about PolicyHub features, tools and commands.

The instructions it provides are for using PolicyHub on the Windows® platform.

This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of your computer and its operating conventions, including how to use a mouse, standard menus and commands.

It also assumes you know how to open, rename, save, copy, close and delete files. For help with any of these techniques, please refer to your Windows® documentation.

Help With Using PolicyHub

As a recipient of Corporate Compliance Documentation, online Help is available to you whenever your PolicyHub Inbox is active.

To access online Help, click on the Help text on any page.


Inbox And Document Library

PolicyHub comprises the Inbox and the Document Library. See “Inbox Overview” for an introduction to the Inbox. See “Document Library Overview” for an introduction to the Document Library.

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