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OpRiskControl Release Notice v5.5.0

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OpRiskControl®: Release Notice

Version: 5.5.0

Date of Release: 16th November 2016

Document Date: 16th November 2016


OpRiskControl® Release Notice – Version 5.5.0 


Error Corrections 


OpRiskControl and Incident Manager


OpRiskControl and Incident Manager can now be installed on Microsoft SQL Server 2014.


OpRiskControl and Incident Manager supports Microsoft Office 2016.

OpRiskControl Key Indicators


The following enhancements have been added to Key Indicators:

  • The capability to record additional information against Key Indicators.
  • The ability to assign ownership and search for Key Indicators.
  • A new monthly Key Indicator email notification.
  • Key Risk Indicator information can now be linked and seen from a Risk.
  • The ability to link and see Key Control Indicator information from a Control.
  • Key Indicator information is now included on the Risk Search page.
  • New Key Indicator reporting.


Key Indicators has been moved from the Options tab to the Risks tab.


Key Indicators statuses; Below Target, On Target and Above Target are now colour coded

and replace the previous OK and Target Missed statuses.


Additional columns have been introduced in the Key Indicators page for; Owner, Type (Risk, Control or Performance), Link and Operator. An additional column designated Status Commentary has also been added. The Status Commentary displays the most recent results.

S3922, S4261, S4260

Introduction of a Yes / No value in the Target Type column in addition to the Key Indicator Numeric values for Key Indicators.

S3923, S4259

Filters have been added on the Key Indicators page to search any combination of Owner, Type or Status.

S3925, S3924

It is now possible to limit editing of a Key Indicator to the Owner if the Limit Edit of Key Indicators to Custodian is set.

S3928, S3933, S3932, S3931, S3927, S3926, S4387

Key Risk Indicators can be linked to a Risk either by using the Link selection on the Key Indicator page or from the Key Risk Indicator Selector page.

Key Control Indicators can be linked to a Control by creating a new Key Control Indicator in the KCI page, or by navigating to the KCI page and selecting the Key Control Indicator.

A Primary Key Indicator can be assigned to a Key Risk Indicator and it will then display in the KRI Status column (Providing the KRI Status column is set to visible) on the selected risks page. Similarly, a Primary Key Indicator can be assigned to a Key Control Indicator and it will then display in the KCI Status column (Providing the KCI Status column is set to visible) on the selected control page.


The Key Indicator Detail page layout has been enhanced. Previously the periods were shown in a horizontal layout. They are now displayed in a vertical arrangement so that periodic Values and a Status Commentary can be entered.

S3930, S4272

Email messages can now be configured and sent on the first day of the month to remind owners to update Key Indicators. The Email notification can be turned on or off, as desired.


Key Indicator information is now available in the Executive Summary Report.


The Risk Detail Report now includes the following additional Key Risk Indicator and Key Control Indicator data:

  • Name.
  • Owner.
  • Measure.
  • Target.
  • Status.
  • Trend.


A new Key Indicator Detail Report has been added to the Risks tab under Report Wizard.


An Activate Key Indicator selection has been added in System, System Settings, Options tab

to turn on Key Indicator functionality.

 OpRiskControl Risk Appetite

S4448, S4447, S4445, S4444, S4449

A new Risk Appetite function has been introduced with the following capabilities:

• Ability to set the Risk Appetite against a Risk Event.

• Aggregate a current position for each Risk Event.

• Aggregate a future position for each Risk Event with an override capability.

• Capture additional information against each Risk Event.

• New Risk Appetite reporting.

Error Corrections‌ 


CRM67549, S3743

Change in behavior correction. Previously the Owner drop down list only displayed users who had been assigned as a Risk Owner to one or more risks. The Owner drop down list now only shows users who own one or more risks.

CRM71161, S4507

During certain conditions an unexpected error message was displayed when multiple users were performing parallel actions in the system.


Previously when editing or adding data to a Key Indicator and selecting the Enter key to submit the data, the data was not saved.


When the values in the Key Indicator page are deleted the values now update automatically in the Current, Previous and Trend (%) columns.


Improved error message if more than 16 digits are entered when editing the value of a

Target in the Key indicators page.

S4226, S4254

Only the first page of the Key Indicators screen (with multiple page), was printed when the Print button was selected.

OpRiskControl and Incident Manager

CRM65658, CRM69441, S3543 

The background colours of the Risk and Incident Dashboard Matrices now print as expected. 

CRM69487, S4099 

Correction to Custom Forms with Custom Fields enabled so that it is now fully translatable. 

CRM69906, S4204 

The Action Status field now remains active after inputting a completed date for a recurring action when editing via the Action Grid. 


Previously, an unexpected error message occurred when a user with Limit Edit of Action to Custodian permissions tried to edit an action that had no owner assigned. 


A user could previously edit an Action, where the user was not the Action owner. Editing is now limited to the Action owner when the Limit Edit of Action to Custodian permission is assigned. 

 Incident Manager 

CRM65666, S3729 

Previously, the Incident Cause Summary report had multiple rows for each cause. The report now has a single row for each individual cause. 

S4271, S4642 

Key Risk Indicators instances have been removed from the local and global translator. 


When selecting the Print button in the Incident dashboard, the browser print dialogue did not display. 

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