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OpRiskControl Release Notice v5.1.0

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OpRiskControl®: Release Notice

Version: 5.1.0

Date of Release: 25th June 2014

Document Date: 1st July 2014

This is a General Release of OpRiskControl following improvements to the software.


CRM60154, S2172

Key Risk Indicators: It is now possible to sort KRIs by their Status.

CRM60154, S2171

Key Risk Indicators: It is now possible to set a Tolerance for each KRI Target. This enables a user to define the Target within an upper and lower tolerance.

CRM59943, S2181

Documentation: The OpRiskControl Administrators’ Guide has been updated to include a description of Risk Locking. The OpRiskControl Users' Guide now includes a note which explains the message displayed when a user tries to edit a risk which is locked by another user. The Help has also been updated to include this information.

CRM58695, S2075

Risk History: When a Risk’s Control Effectiveness is edited, this event is now logged in the Risk History.

CRM58531, S2042

Documentation: The documentation now includes the steps required to configure a Recurring Action.

 Error Corrections

CRM59878, S2167

Custom Forms: After a Recurring Action was Completed, when it was next reactivated it was not returned to the Actions Due list and the Action Status remained as Completed. These problems have been fixed.

CRM59738, S2150

Chart Wizard: When RBS was used to add users based on Division/Department/Location/Asset, the Control Effectiveness waterfall chart showed all the Risks, and not just those based on the security criteria.

CRM59557, S2135

Custom Forms: When Custom Forms were enabled and Tabbed forms were disabled, it was not possible to set the Risk Event on Incidents.

CRM59231, S2074

Action Status Report: Tick boxes were not displayed when using Chrome to view the Action Status Report.


Key Risk Indicators: When a Target was defined using the less than operator ( < ) the calculation was made using less than or equal to. For example, when a target was set to < 20, the results returned were for <= 20. The Operators displayed have been updated to reflect the actual calculation that is made. That is, the available Operators are now:

• <= – less than or equal to

• >= – greater than or equal to

• = – equal to

The Administrators’ Guide and Help have been updated to reflect this change to the Operator.

Note: Functionality has not been changed.


Action: When a user entered a new Action against a Risk and, without saving the Action, clicked on the Effectiveness tab, the website was no longer visible to users.

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