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This System Administrator’s Guide contains the information you need to implement an Incident Management system.

Incidents are events which can disrupt business, causing delays and financial loss. Incidents can affect any part of business, such as the employees, customers, projects, budgets and equipment. Incident management is used to record Incidents which have occurred, evaluate the likelihood of recurrence, develop a list of actions which need to be completed as a result of the Incident and link the Incident to a Risk.

Purpose Of The Software

OpRiskControl Incident Manager simplifies the task of managing general operational incidents. This software allows you to enter an unlimited number of incidents by division, department, function (for example sub-department), project, location, and asset. Incidents can be linked to Risks in the OpRiskControl Risk Management system.

Database And Application Backup

It is assumed that your I.T. Department will do a daily backup of your data in the SQL Server database.

Because OpRiskControl allows documents to be attached to Incidents and Actions, and those documents are located in the Output sub-directory, it is also assumed that your I.T. Department will do a daily backup of the Output directory.

It is also assumed that your I.T. Department will do a weekly or monthly backup of the whole application directory to save your configured company logo, home page, licence keys and so on.


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