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Manage the Lookup Tables

This topic details how to add, edit, delete, and rearrange the values in the dropdown menus in LegalHold.

What Are Lookup Tables?

To align the LegalHold system with each business's needs, system administrators can customize, add, edit, and delete the options that appear in several of the dropdown menus in the system. The values that are added to the lookup tables will appear in select dropdown menus across LegalHold. 

Important Note: Lookup table values (entries) cannot be edited or deleted if they are assigned to a record.

Customize the Lookup Tables

  1. Log in as a system administrator then navigate to System Settings and select Manage Lookup Tables.
  2. The tabs across the top of the page are the names of dropdown menus (lookup tables) that can be edited in LegalHold. Select a category to begin editing the menu options. 
    • Select the Add New button to add a value to the table. Any value added will appear in the respective dropdown menu after changes are saved. 
    • Reorder the values by using the arrows in the Actions column.
    • Click the Edit (pencil) icon in the Actions column to edit an existing value.

Type-a-head search for all lookups drop-downs

The new feature allows the user to call out items such as Matter Type, Departments, Legal Staff, Person Status and Organizations from the type-ahead search lookup dropdown.

User can do this Lookup search in the Create New Person details page for the following fields:

  • Status
  • Organization
  • Department

User can do this Lookup search in the Hold summary and  Legal staff stage of Create Hold, for the following fields:

  • Matter Type
  • Legal staff Fields 


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