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LegalHold 3.2.0 Release Notes


This topic outlines features and issue resolutions in LegalHold version 3.2.0.


How to Read the Release Notes

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in the following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature

  • Internal tracking code

  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

  • Additional information (for features)




We introduce the following features:


  • Microsoft 365 eDiscovery and LegalHold integration:

  • Now you can configure your Azure credentials to log in to Legalhold.

  • Integration with Microsoft Graph 365.

  • Ability to add and select custodians from Graph365 cases.

  • Ability to create matters and holds in Graph365 and visualize them in LegalHold.

  • Microsoft Graph 365 integration can be enabled in Integration Settings.

Tracking code: LH-11902, LH-12080, LH-12081, LH-12082, LH-12083, LH-12333, LH-12393


  • We introduce the new Sisense and LegalHold integration, which lets you create Sisense dashboards in LegalHold.

Tracking code: LH-12372, LH-12386


  • Now, responding to a questionnaire can be configured as a mandatory or an optional step. Toggle Make questionnaires mandatory for custodian compliance, under Response Page lets you set questionnaires as optional or mandatory.

Tracking code: LH-11960, LH-11974


  • Now all lookups have the type-ahead functionality in the dropboxes. The type-ahead functionality lets you enter the first letters of the field and it also displays the top ten options without the need to enter text. 

Tracking code: LH-10702, LH-12297


  • We introduce the new  Matter Types filter in the user grid. Matter Types filter has the following features:

    • When adding a user, you can select the matter types that the user can access.

    • Only matter types created in LegalHold are available to users. Matter types that come from ELMs such as eCounsel, Acuity, and TeamConnect are not available to regular users.

    • When creating and reviewing holds, users can only see and use matter types that they can access. Holds from other matter types are not available to those users.

    • We ensure that security is applied in Reports.

Tracking code:  LH-8339, LH-12192, LH-12193, LH-12306, LH-12566


  • Now Hold Notice Notifications support double brackets [[]].

Tracking code:  LH-12298


  • We introduce a new role called Hold System Administrator, which has the same permissions as the system administrator except for the ability to manage users. The following roles also change some of their permissions:

    • IT administrators can’t manage users.

    • Non-hold administrators can’t access System Settings.

    • Super-hold administrators can’t manage users or access System Settings.

Tracking code:  LH-12510


Issues Resolution


We resolved the following issues:


  • We resolved some security issues.


  • Now, when a user attempts to delete a Person with an associated Hold, the system sends an error message instead of a random code error.

Tracking code: LH-8441


  • Hold and Preservation Notification Email showed the date when the custodian was added to the hold instead of the date when the hold was sent to the custodian.

Tracking code:  LH-11844


  • Now users can’t delete a questionnaire if it has dependencies.

Tracking code: LH-12299


  • We fixed an issue where users could not enter text longer than 255 characters in Questionnaire Answers  > Small Text-type Questions.

Tracking code: LH-12387


  • We fixed an issue in which LegalHold allowed to delete a support system manager leaving that role unassigned.

Tracking code: LH-12190


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