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LegalHold 1.0.4 Release Notes

This topic details the feature enhancements for LegalHold verion 1.0.4.

How to Read the Release Notes

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable 
  • Additional information (for features)

Feature Enhancements

LegalHold 1.0.4 introduces the following enhancements:

Enhancement: Released Hold comments are now populated in TeamConnect.
Tracking Code: LH-5471
Additional Detail: When a hold is released with comments in LegalHold, the comments will appear within the Hold Details in TeamConnect.

Enhancement: The Client Secret  text in TeamConnect is no longer displayed.
Tracking Code: LH-5415
Additional Detail: See this page for further information on setting up the Client Secret.

Enhancement: LegalHold is opened in a new window when any hold-related information is clicked in TeamConnect.
Tracking Code: LH-5413
Additional Detail: Previously, LegalHold would open in the same window as TeamConnect.

Enhancement: Custodians email addresses will now appear in brackets when you add them with a hold.
Tracking Code: LH-1979
Additional Detail: Being able to see the email address will help avoid confusion if multiple people have a common name.

Enhancement: The hold open date will automatically populate with the current date when a new hold is created.
Tracking Code: LH-5441
Additional Detail: The date will be populated regardless if a new hold is created from TeamConnect or LegalHold.

Enhancement: Hold notices are automatically updated with a new version number each time a new version of the notice email is sent out. The version numbers will also appear in the hold history timeline.
Tracking Code: LH-5431
Additional Detail: Each time a new notice is sent out for a hold, the version number will update from Notice 1- Version 1 to Notice 1- Version 2, etc.

Enhancement: A help button was added so that users can access the online User Guide and product documentation.
Tracking Code: LH-5400
Additional Detail: This documentation includes technical setup instructions, how-to style articles, and product release notes in our Client Success Center.

Enhancement: Hold administrators can now export the list of respondents that have answered the questionnaire for a particular hold.
Tracking Code: LH-4101
Additional Detail: The list of respondents can be exported in a .csv format and will include the question name, question response, and the custodian response.

Enhancement: The Hold Summary Report now includes the hold's timeline history and all legal staff listed on the hold.
Tracking Code: LH-5429
Additional Detail: This information will assist in defending the hold process in court. Click here to see more on running the Hold Summary Report

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