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LegalHold 1.1.0 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 1.1.0.


Enhancement: New Designate Active Status checkbox.
Description: As an admin, in the lookup tables for status, you can now mark a status as active. This feature is designed to help use these statuses to send out automatic notifications when a custodian status record is changed
Tracking Code: LH-5434

Enhancement: Added 'Scheduled tasks' for automatic notifications.
Description: This feature is designed to send out notifications to people of the admin's choice on active holds for people that have left the company or have a status other than active.
Tracking Code: LH-5435

Enhancement: New notifications for people's records.
Description: LegalHold will now send automated emails when status changes occur in people's records.
Tracking Code: LH-3648

Enhancement: Third-party acknowledgements.
Description: LegalHold will now capture details of a third-party acknowledgement. Admins can now view the captured date and time a particular non-respondent's response was acknowledged by a third-party.
Tracking Code: LH-5419

Enhancement: Role sync from TeamConnect to LegalHold.
Description: Admins can now synchronize assignee roles from TeamConnect to LegalHold. The admin can ensure that only certain assignee roles are sychronized from TeamConnect to LegalHold.
Tracking Code: LH-5996

Enhancement: It is now possible to add a company logo customization to the application.
Description: Admins can now add a company logo to LegalHold.
Tracking Code: LH-5845

Enhancement: Configurable responses.
Description: Added the ability to configure response options. This feature allows the admin the option to customize the response page message that the recipient receives.
Tracking Code: LH-5406

Enhancement:Sending holds now runs as a background process.
Description: Sending holds will now be a background process when a threshold of users are active.
Tracking Code: LH-4387
Additional Detail: Sending holds in the background will only occur when there's a minimum threshold of users. The default is 50 users, but the settings can be changed in the configuration file.

Enhancement: Added a new category for silent custodians.
Description: As a hold admin, if there are silent custodians added on a hold, you can access them separately in a different category that is only available if there are actually silent custodians added to the hold.
Tracking Code: LH-6000

Enhancement: Email notifications configuration options.
Description: It is now possible to add managers to email notifications for employee status changes.
Tracking Code: LH-6001
Additional Detail: As a user of the system, when the automated email is sent out to the selected people when there is a change in status for a custodian, you are able to include the manager for the custodian as well.

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