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LegalHold 1.2.0 Release Notes

This topic outlines features and issue resolutions in LegalHold verison 1.2.0.

How to Read the Release Notes 

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable 
  • Additional information (for features)

Feature Enhancements 

LegalHold 1.2.0 introduces the following enhancements:

Enhancement: Hold administrators can customize the subject of an email while setting up the CC'd list for the legal staff. 
Tracking Code: LH-6342
Additional Detail: The text listed in the subject is the subject for any CC email that goes out to the legal staff when a hold is sent out.

Enhancement: Variables will appear resolved when hold admin use the Test Email feature within a hold. 
Tracking Code: LH-6362


Enhancement: Duplicate display order values were appearing in lookup tables. 
Tracking Code: LH-6357
Additional Detail: The duplicate values were causing an error when saved. 

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