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LegalHold 2.6.0 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 2.6.0.


Enhancement: Preservation notices for data stewards (those individuals responsible for the collection of system and custodian data during the electronic discovery process) can be released with the hold or via a new separate release process.
Description: Currently, when the hold is released, the preservation notice, used by the company to place holds on the collection of system and custodian data, is also released. A new workflow allows the legal hold administrator to release custodians from the hold by releasing the hold notice, but retain the stipulations of the preservation notice. For any hold that has a preservation notice, the release hold functionality now has a toggle, "Release Preservation Notice", set to enabled by default. Disabling the toggle will release only the hold notice and the preservation notice for that hold will remain active. When the legal hold administrator is ready to release the preservation notice, the tile and list views now have a new option to release the preservation notice if the hold notice is inactive (i.e., released). See Releasing Data Stewards from Preservation Notices for more information.  Additionally there is a new option on the "released holds" page where the user can separately view the released holds and the released preservation notices.
Tracking Code: LH-8699, LH-8728

Enhancement: Additional errors have been added to the list of errors that appear during a People Import for easier troubleshooting while adding people records to LegalHold.
Description: The following errors now appear during a People import if the error is encountered:

  • Status ID and Status Name Do Not Match - A status identifier can have only one status name and an error will be returned when a single status identifier is mapped to different status names or a status name is mapped to different status identifiers.
  • Department ID and Department Name Do Not Match - A department identifier can have only one department name and an error will be returned when a single department identifier is mapped to different department names or a department name is mapped to different department identifiers.
  • Date Format is Incorrect - A date within the import does not use the required yyyy-MM-dd format.
  • Person Has Been Added to Same Group Multiple Times - No error, but a person will only be added to the group the first time the association is encountered.
  • Group ID and Group Name Do Not Match. A Group identifier can have only one group name and an error will be returned when a single group identifier is mapped to different group names or a group name is mapped to different group identifiers.

Tracking Code: LH-8319

Enhancement: Confirmation email can be setup to receive notifications when the HR People import task runs.
Description: A new setting (Configure email notifications for people upload) under system settings now allows users to add multiple people to receive notifications when the People import task is completed.  The email to those selected people will automatically sent after the people import task is completed and will include all the errors and warnings in attached txt files to the messages.
Tracking Code: LH-8697

Enhancement: The heading inside of the body of the hold notice and preservation notices has been corrected.
Description: Currently the auto populated heading inside the email for both the hold notice and the preservation notice says " Preservation Notice" causing confusion for the users.  With this change the auto-populated heading text inside the hold notice will say " Hold Notice" and the text inside the Preservation notice will say " Preservation Notice".
Tracking Code: LH-8701

Enhancement: Matter ID and Hold ID is now added to the csv export for the "Recipients by hold" report.
Description: Two new fields for Hold ID and Matter ID has been added to the csv export for the " Recipients by hold" report.
Tracking Code: LH-8703

Enhancement: Improved Silent Custodian Workflow.
Description: Currently when a silent custodian is added to a hold, their numbers do not get populated on the label on the " Review and Send " page of the hold creation process.  With this new feature users will be easily be able to verify how many silent custodians are being added to a hold before a hold notice is sent out.  Additionally when a "silent custodian" is made a "non silent custodian" on an active hold users will be able to just send them a notice without editing the notice for the other custodians.
Tracking Code: LH-8695

Enhancement: Added ability for IT admin to add and manage users in the application.
Description: People with the role of IT admin in the LegalHold application would now have the " Manage Users" tile available to them and they would be able to manage and edit users.
Tracking Code: LH-8959

Enhancement: Enable global schedule for non respondent reminders and escalations.
Description:Currently the non respondent reminder and escalation schedule is set individually for each hold.  With this feature, users can create a global default schedule for non respondent reminders and escalations which when set will add the default schedule to all new holds created.  Users will also have the ability to change the default schedule or disable reminders and escalations for specific holds if needed.  This should help speed up the hold creation process.
Tracking Code: LH-8693

Enhancement: Recipient ID has been added to the Holds by Recipient report and the Recipients by hold report.
Description: New field for Recipient ID is now added to the "Holds by recipient" report and the "Recipients by hold" report.
Tracking Code: LH-8995 

Enhancement: No reminder and escalation notifications for custodians with an "inactive" status.
Description: The system automatically will now not send any non respondent reminder notifications, custodian reminder notifications and escalations for custodians who are in an "inactive" status in the application.  The status of the person is normally uploaded via the HR feed and the "active" and "inactive" designation for the statuses can be updated via Manage Lookup Tables> person statuses under System Settings.
Tracking Code: LH-8885

Enhancement: Increase the maxAuthenticationAge in application for SSO users.
Description: Increased the maxAuthenticationAge in LegalHold to 90 days to solve some SSO login issues for users.
Tracking Code: LH-8830

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