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View and Analyze Hold Responses

In this topic, you will learn how hold administrators can quickly view the status of responses to a hold.

Quickly View Responses

Hold administrators can quickly view the status of responses to a hold by logging in and navigating to Manage Holds > All Active Holds. The Tile View page lists all holds that have been sent. From this view, you can quickly search and view an accurate number of recipients who have submitted a Yes, No, or Unsure response.

Filter by Response Type

Select a specific progress bar to quickly view which recipients have responded Yes, No, or Unsure (if applicable). 


View History

This View History tab contains a detailed list of each time this particular hold notice was sent. You can find details including:

  • The date and time a hold was sent
  • The name of the notice that was sent
  • If the hold notice was manually sent or sent as part of a scheduled task
  • To whom the hold notice was sent


Questionnaire Analysis

Depending on if this particular hold has a questionnaire associated with it, you can filter the responses and view who has provided answers for specific questions (or criteria). See the example below for further detail. 


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