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Manage Released Holds

This page details what a released hold is and provides step-by-step instructions on how to release an active hold.

Released Holds

A released hold is a hold that has been released and is no longer active. Released holds cannot become active again. Hold administrators can view a list of released holds and all the hold details by selecting Manage Holds > Released Holds.


What Actions Can I Perform from this Page? 

From the screen above, select the Hold Name or Hold Number to access a view only version of the hold. No adjustments or edits can be made to the hold information, nor can a notice be sent from a released hold.

  • Sort the information by selecting the arrows next to each column name.ManageHolds_TableSort.png
  • View hold details by selecting the Hold Name or Hold Number links in the table.
  • View who the hold was released by by selecting the linked name in the Released By column. 

Release a Hold

A hold can be released only from the Manage Holds > All Active Holds page (either List View or Tile View screens).

  1. Navigate to the List View or Tile View of the hold you want to release.
  2. Select the Release Hold button ReleaseHold_Icon.png.
  3. On the Release Hold page, type  or select a Hold Release Date and a type a Hold Release Comment. These fields are required. When a hold is released in the LegalHold application, the comments in this page will be available in TeamConnect. 
  4. Turn the Add Hold Release Email toggle on if you would like to send a personalized email to all hold recipients.
  5. Select either the Release Hod or the Continue button. If you enabled the Add Hold Release Email toggle, the Release Hold button will be a Continue button and follow the instructions below. 

Add a Customized Hold Release Email 

If the Add Hold Release Email toggle was enabled, you will be directed to a page where you can manually draft or copy the email text. 

  1. The notice text field can be manually entered or users can use the copy from template feature. Likewise, the user that is releasing the hold can send a test email to themselves to screen what the email will say and view it how the recipients will see it.
  2. Select the Release Hold button when you are ready to send this to all hold recipients.  

Note: Holds cannot be edited or re-opened after they have been released. 


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