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Welcome to the New Mitratech Help Site

Welcome to the new Mitratech Help!

Mitratech’s new Customer Success Portal drives user engagement with new features to ensure you can quickly get the information you need and get back to accomplishing your tasks.

What’s new?

The new success portal leverages all of our existing help and knowledge base articles in one location. Likewise, the site’s fully responsive design allows users to access the help efficiently from multiple devices. Along with these features, users also benefit from:

  • Robust search and filtering capabilities – After typing in a search, users can take advantage of filters (in the form of large icons) to drill down to the exact content they need. Specific to your user type and use case, this search feature ensures your result matches your problem, not just your keywords.
  • Direct-to-Team Feedback – Users can deliver feedback on the bottom of each page, letting the Mitratech documentation team know which sections were most helpful or which could use a little elaboration.
  • Instant PDF Creation – Users can generate a PDF copy of any page by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the document.
  • Smart, user-centered suggestions – The success center also displays recommended articles based on typical user paths, learning from users just as they learn from the content itself. Complex tasks can be achieved step-by-step without having to view a wall of text, ensuring that each process follows best practices.

The Mitratech Success Portal packages all these features and more in a modern, visually-pleasing user interface. Continue reading for tips on how to best utilize these resources.

Let’s Get Started!

Users are able to access their content in several different ways, including: navigating via typical hierarchical (‘tree’) structure of documents, following the recommended article paths, or using the global search feature.

For the best success in finding the content most relevant to you, we recommend the global search bar at the top of the website.

The following example demonstrates how even the most general search can deliver the documentation you need via our easy-to-use graphical filtering:

  1. Type in the search query and press the Enter key.
  2. Click the product line you are using. Note: This step may be automatically completed based on your user permissions.

  3. Select the next filter based on your user persona or the category of document you’re looking for. In this example, we’ll navigate to the User Guide for invoices.
  4. Click the desired page. Congratulations!
Hierarchical Structure View

Similarly, for some instances that require viewing several comprehensive documents (e.g., Installation Guide), users can click the folder icon on the breadcrumb bar at the top of the page. This will show a hierarchical view that is useful for viewing the entire contents of a guide or process in one glance.

Thanks for using the Mitratech Success Portal, and please leave feedback if we can further improve your experience.

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