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How do I know if I need to take action on an invoice?

Lawtrac sends notifications for necessary actions and tasks via email:

However, if you have turned email notifications off through your email application or want to manage your tasks only from the Lawtrac application, you can see all invoices associated to you via Finance | Invoice Management.

To see invoices pending your approval, click the Pending Approval link in the Invoice List sidebar.

The Pending Approval page opens the invoices to which you are a member of the approval chain.

From the this page, you can:

  • Approve multiple invoices at a time—Click the invoice checkboxes checked radio box to select the invoices you wish to approve, and then click Approve Checked.
  • View comments from the approval chain—Click the invoice number to navigate to the invoice detail page, then select the Comments tab in the middle of the page.
  • View invoice details—Click the invoice number to navigate to the invoice detail page.

The Pending Approval page includes the following tabs at the top.

  • My Pending—Displays all invoices that require your approval. The Hand-Off column specifies when you are the final approver for the invoice or the person who must approve the invoice after your approval.
  • 1st—Displays all invoices for which you are the first approver.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc—Displays all invoices for the specified order in the approval chain. For example, the invoices in the 2nd tab are the invoices for which you are the second approver. Instead of a Hand-Off column, these pages have a From-To column, which specifies that you are the final approver or there is a person on the approval chain after you.

    Note: If you are an approver in one of these lists and you approve or reject the invoice before approvers earlier in the chain perform an action, the earlier approvers are skipped and no longer able to approve or reject.
  • Rejected—Displays invoices you have rejected. Rejected invoices appear with an exclamation point (!) in place of an approval checkbox, as shown below:

  • List Options—Contains a filter for your Pending Approval lists.

    Important Note: This search criteria is only active until you log out or get timed out. You may have to refresh the list tab(s) to engage these settings.

    Use the following fields on this page:

    • Display Invoices Only From—Select only the firms and vendors that you want to appear on the pending approval lists.
    • Sort List By—Select an invoice field to sort by in the lists.
    • List Per Page—Specify the maximum number of invoices to display per page.
    • Clear Filters—Click this button to clear all the options you changed.
    • Set Filters—Click this button to set and save the list options.

Click the Hide Rejected Invoices link to remove rejected invoices from your lists and click Include Rejected Invoices to add rejected invoices to your lists. The rejected_icon icon appears next to rejected invoices.


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