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How do I track an invoice?

Lawtrac's Finance module makes it easy to track the status of your invoice(s).

  1. Under the Finance tab, click Invoice Management.
  2. Use the search tool above the invoice list to narrow the list of invoices to only those to which you are associated.
  3. Highlight the "Yes" radio button where it says "Show Only My Invoices". Keep the radio button for "Unapproved Invoices Only" on "No".
    1. Enter the invoice number into the text box if you are looking for the status of a particular invoice.
  4. Click Search to generate results.
  5. Click on the invoice number hyperlink to navigate to the invoice detail page.

The status is located under the firm/vendor contact information.


Check the Status of All Invoices

  1. Under the Finance tab, click Invoice Management.
  2. Click the Oldest Not Approved link to display outstanding unapproved invoices.
  3. Click an invoice number in the list to open that invoice.
  4. Change the dates in the Refine List By Date Range fields to filter the invoices in this list by a specific date range and click Go.

This page also includes a color legend at the top of the list. These colors specify the approval status of each invoices approver. Invoices with a Not Set status are pending but have no assigned approvers.


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