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How do I apply a discount to my invoice?

Lawtrac does not currently have a designated process for applying a discount to an invoice; however, an in-house adjustment can be made at the line item level to reflect discounted amounts within a detailed invoice.

To apply a discount to a pre-existing invoice, you must have permissions set by your site administrator to edit invoices.

  1. Select the invoice from Finance | Invoice Management.
  2. Open the invoice detail page and navigate to the Approval Activities tab.
    Invoice line items are listed by LEDES code.
  3. Assign the discount to a code by typing a negative amount in the "In-House" text box under the Adjustments column. (For assistance with adding a line item, click here.)

Be aware that the adjustment amount is applied as a controlled amount, and does not adjust automatically based on unit or cost by unit. Therefore, if you have "3.00" in the "Unit" text box and "3.00" in the "Unit Cost" text box, the sum would be 9.00. If you apply the amount "-2.00" to the "In-House" text box, the sum is then 7.00, rather than 3.00.

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