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Lawtrac 4.2.1 Upgrade Instructions

This is a step-by-step guide with details for the upgrade from Lawtrac 4.2 to Lawtrac 4.2.1.

Mitratech continually strives to produce the best ELM products on the market; as we improve Lawtrac, database updates may be necessary. However, not all releases will require database updates or upgrade instructions.

Upgrading from Lawtrac 4.2 to 4.2.1

Note: If you are upgrading from a version previous to Lawtrac 4.2, please use the respective instructions (found here) to upgrade your instance to 4.2 before continuing with the 4.2.1 upgrade instructions.


Upgrade Instructions

The following page details the upgrade process from Lawtrac 4.2  to 4.2.1. The .sql script referenced in this procedural can be found in the LAWTRAC421 root directory under scripts > upgrade folder on your web server.


Important Note: Begin this process from the script that is equal or nearest after your current version of Lawtrac 4.0.x. For example, clients on Lawtrac 4.0.2 would start from LT_404to405.

  1. Take a backup of your current Lawtrac database (i.e., XXXLegal).
  2. Run the Lawtrac 421 Installer.
  3. Follow the steps outlined on the Installing Lawtrac page.
  4. Locate the scripts/upgrade directory within the Lawtrac421 Installer root directory on your web server, and update the existing 4.2 DB by running the following scripts against your LAWTRAC database in the SQL Server Management Studio:
  • Access the LT_42to421.sql script and run it.

Once these scripts have been executed, log into the Lawtrac 4.2.1 instance as a Lawtrac administrator.

Navigate to My Lawtrac | Application Administration | Application & Database | Database Administration and click the Run Upgrade Scripts link.

Once complete, the script window displays the amount of tables to be examined and the tables that were already examined. The value should be the same for both (i.e., 285 Tables to Examine (285).

This completes the upgrade to Lawtrac 4.2.1.


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