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Self-Service Guide for Key Personnel

Self-Service Guide for Key Personnel
This guide details modules and processes Lawtrac users might use in the Key Personnel Self-Service Portal. This includes how to submit new requests to in-house legal users, how to manage matters, add new documents, take action on routing slips, and how to manage settings and external notifications.

The Self-Service module can be set up so that Key Personnel (KP) can submit requests directly to the Legal department. Legal then reviews the request and either accepts or rejects it. Once the matter is accepted, you are able to access the matter and any documents that you upload and documents that Legal has given you permission to access. 

The read-only set-up does not allow KP to submit requests directly to the in-house Legal team. However, if you are assigned to the matter, you have access to the record and are able to view certain information pertaining to that matter. The documents may or may not be accessible, depending on the permissions set by Legal. 

Note: Captions of date and text fields are specific to each Lawtrac customer. The captions and screenshots used in this guide are generic and may not match what you see on your screen. 

Download a full PDF Version of this guide here.

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