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Lawtrac 4.3.5 Patch 10 Release Notes

Lawtrac 4.3.5 Patch 10 (PLT4350010) resolves the following issues: 
Issue: Users can now hover over an Invoices line item to view the entire line item description
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-53636
Support case: 2020-0204-582369 
Issue: Resolving an error that would occur for new Matter Budgets
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-50544
Support case: 2019-0613-533811 
The following list summarizes the procedures to install this patch.

  1. Copy files.
  2. Update the database and version information.

Refer to PLT4350010_Instructions.pdf, in the same folder as these release notes, for more details about installing this patch. 

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