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Lawtrac 4.3.4 Release Notes


Lawtrac 4.3.4 Release Notes

This document details the upgrade information and known issues that are included in Lawtrac 4.3.4.



The online version of these notes, as well as additional user guides and resources, can be found at


Upgrading to Lawtrac 4.3.4

Please see the Upgrade Considerations page for instructions on upgrading your version of Lawtrac.


Resolved Issues

The following items are changes and enhancements built into Lawtrac 4.3.4. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Additional Information, if applicable


Issue: Additional logs were added to the Collaborati Sync for better visibility and tracking

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46056

Case Number: N/A


Issue: Updated the currency code for the country Zimbabwe from USD/US Dollars to ZWL/Zimbabwean dollars.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46400

Case Number: N/A


Issue: Added a setting to change the landing page for Invoice Management from 'Recent Invoices' page to 'Pending Approval' page.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46347

Case Number: 2019-0122-502134


Issue: When running the Predefined Matter Team Selection tool, the key personnel release date is no longer overwritten

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI- 46878

Case Number: 2019-0221-509258


Issue: Updated LT_432to433.sql upgrade script to no longer affect foreign invoice data

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI- 47580

Case Number: 2019-0308-512739


Issue: Resolving an error that occurred when reactivating a retired Type 4 or Type 5 lower level category

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46688

Case Number: 2019-0214-507607


Issue: Resolved an error for Key Personnel assigned to more than 2000 Matters that would occur after logging in.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-47027

Case Number: 2019-0227-510463


Issue: Predefined teams are now accurately applied during the matter creation process.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46865

Case Number: 2019-0221-509245


Issue: Resolved an issue where the Firm Invoice list displays an incorrect foreign amount

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-45001

Case Number: 2018-1016-483517


Issue: Updated the font and alignment for Invoice PDF dates to be more user friendly

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46769

Case Number: 2019-0129-503731


Issue: Resolved an issue where the PDF file creation lacked version control and would overwrite existing file without warning message or prompt.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46782

Case Number: 2019-0214-507566


Issue: Users can now hide Rejected Invoices from the “Pending Handling” section of Invoice Management

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46458

Case Number: 2019-0123-502500


Issue: Users can now hide Rejected Invoices from the Invoice Management page of the Finance section

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46202

Case Number: 2019-0104-498628


Issue: When an invoice is auto-rejected due to unapproved timekeeper rates, the rejection comments will now include information about the line items in question.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46527

Case Number: 2019-0115-500665


Issue: Matters can no longer assign multiple primary people to a matter.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-45822

Case Number: 2019-0118-501584


Issue: A menu shortcut for the “Pending Approval” page has been added under the Finance main menu

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-46444

Case Number: 2019-0204-504905


Issue: Matters in the matter drop down on the “Rate Card” review page are now organized in alphabetical order

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-44948

Case Number: 2018-1025-485895


Issue: Updating standard report DOC003 to have Open/Closed Matter filter and Excel output option

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-44580

Case Number: 2018-1114-490159


Issue: The system will now actively flag matters that do not have a UDC-A field, if that field has been marked as mandatory.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-44567

Case Number: 2018-0817-471308


Issue: The “Country/Region” drop-down had been made available under the “Contract/Agreement” section of a matter’s primary information page.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-44935

Case Number: 2018-1023-485215


Issue: Resolved an issue where users would receive automatic messages from Legal Hold while adding recipients to matters.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-47358

Case Number: 2019-0314-514042


Issue: Updating standard report MAT052 to include Matter Status as display option

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-45046

Case Number: 2018-1112-489549


Issue: Updated the Daily/Action Report email in 4.X to closer match content and security of the 3.X version.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-47001

Case Number: 2019-0211-506813


Issue: Resolved an issue that prevented Criteria Filters from being applied to saved Ad Hoc reports for Contracts & Agreements information.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-44383

Case Number: N/A



Known Issue

The following items are known issues present in Lawtrac 4.3.4. Each issue is documented in the following format:

•      A description of the issue

•      Internal tracking code

•      Additional Information, if applicable


Issue: When deleting an adjustment on a detailed invoice, the associated flag and adjustment are still present on the invoice or line item.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-47517

Case Number: 2019-0313-513667


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