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Lawtrac 4.3.1 Release Notes

This document details the upgrade information and known issues that are included in Lawtrac 4.3.1.



The online version of these notes, as well as additional user guides and resources, can be found at

Upgrading to Lawtrac 4.3.1

Please see the Upgrade Considerations page for instructions on upgrading your version of Lawtrac.


Resolved Issues  

The following items are changes and enhancements built into Lawtrac 4.3.1. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Additional Information, if applicable


Issue: Text records were not sorted by Most Recently Updated under the Matter > Text Records > Read all screen.
Tracking code: LSP-11855
Case Number: 2018-0130-428833

Issue: Recipients that were released from a Hold still received Hold Reminders through the Hold Notification scheduler task.
Tracking code: LSP-12097
Case Number: 2018-0309-437426

Issue: Within a matter’s International Reserves, the Category was not displayed and the Total Amounts were not aligned correctly when only one currency type existed.
Tracking code: LSP-12067
Case Number: 2018-0308-437005

Issue: Hold administrators were unable to add Key Personnel, Legal Department, or Parties to a Hold Notice if the recipient last name contained an apostrophe.
Tracking code: LSP-11903
Case Number: 2017-0622-380522

Issue: The Unapproved Invoices by Approver report did not have PDF or Excel export options.
Tracking code: LSP-12207
Case Number: 2018-0328-441651

Issue: After upgrading to Lawtrac 4.X, text records with special characters (Horizontal Ellipsis and Left Double Quotation Marks) did not appear as they did in Lawtrac 3.7
Tracking Code: LSP-11887
Case Number: 2018-0130-428832

Issue: Matter text records did not show line breaks within the text which reduced all spacing to a 1-character width.
Tracking code: LSP-11955
Case Number: 2018-0201-429414

Issue: The This Firm is Subordinate drop-down menu options were not sorted alphabetically upon opening it.
Tracking code: LSP-12007
Case Number: 2018-0222-434018

Issue: The Lifetime Reserves table in 4.X was missing functionality that it had in 3.7. The Date column appeared but was not needed, and a Remaining Reserves column needed to be added
Tracking code: LSP-12057
Case Number: 2018-0222-433857

Issue: An email alert is sent to the Lawtrac Support team when there is a Collaborati Sync failure.
Tracking code: LSP-11774
Case Number:  2018-0119-426771

Issue: Error message thrown when user attempted to approve a routing slip.
Tracking code: LSP-11517
Case Number: 2017-1130-417078

Issue: The Recovery and Payment status options were being switched when setting them in a matter.
Tracking code: LSP-5461
Case Number: 2016-0712-261053

Issue: Several SQL Injection issues were fixed in the Lawtrac application.
Tracking code: LSP-11558
Case Number: 2017-1211-419874

Issue: Key Personnel users were able to fully access Matters and Documents after their matter access was disabled. 
Tracking code: LSP-11985
Case Number: 2018-0212-431777


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