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Questions and answers from the "Reducing Outside Counsel Spend Using Lawtrac" Webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

Will the firm see the comments you make on the invoice for other approvers to read?

No the firm will not see these comments.

What is the difference between an invoice handler and an invoice approver?

An invoice handler is a Lawtrac user that reviews the invoice but does not approve or reject the invoice. Many of our clients have someone that has to be notified of an incoming invoice or has to check the invoice for complete information before or after it can be approved by the attorneys or other approvers. The invoice handler functionality satisfies this requirement. This person my exist at the beginning or the end or the approve change.  An approver on the invoice can adjust, reject, or approve the invoice and is part of the normal approval chain. 

How long will my "List Options" selections be retained in Lawtrac?

These selections will remain for the duration of your session. IF you login out or are automatically logged out based on time-out settings, these settings will be reset. 

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