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2016 Jan - Key Dates, Workflow Targets, and Reminders

Learn how these three features can be used together for maximum value in the Lawtrac Webinar



  • Capture important dates on each matter
  • Used to standardize data points per matter type
  • Captions configurable by matter category/type
  • Can be used to define workflow targets


  • Streamline standard business process
  • Standard “due dates” to complete an action based on a defined key date
  • Automatically creates events that can be placed on your calendar


  • Short Term
    • Easily configured by users
    • Sends email reminders to In-House Legal Staff, Key Personnel, Outside Counsel and optional recipients on a matter
  • Long Term (Contract Notification Module)
    • Quickly identify contracts reaching renewal or contracts outside of term dates
    • Sends one email to identified receipts with all qualifying dates for review
    • Module turned on/off by the Lawtrac Administrator
  • Configure which matters will be included based on their defined “Status” 



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