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Lawtrac - 4.X Firms/Vendor: "Access Denied" error when accessing the Invoices Tab

The reason for that message ('access denied') is because a particular setting ('financial considerations') is currently disabled by your respective Lawtrac client for your firm for the relevant matter. However, this should not prevent you from submitting invoices in anyway. You can submit invoices using one of the three options in Lawtrac under the Finance Tab on the left side:

  • Submit Summary Invoices
  • Submit Detailed Invoices
  • Submit LEDES Invoices

Note: If in case you do not have the options available under the Finance tab, then it is very likely that you need to have certain security permission enabled for yourself in order for those options to appear. For this, please have the firm administrator go to People (on the top bar menu) > Click on the small security 'key' icon (on the far right hand side) for yourself. Here, check all of the boxes except the one labeled "Turn All Permissions Off" and hitting 'Save'. Once saved, click the 'Home' link to refresh your site and those options should then appear under Finance.