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The different Invoice Statuses in Collaborati


Invoice Status


Ready to Submit This Invoice Status only applies to invoices created in Collaborati. Clicking on the Submit button will submit the invoice to the client.
Pending File Submission The Invoice Status specifies that the invoice file has not yet been submitted.
Waiting for Client Retrieval This Invoice Status specifies that the invoice has been submitted, but your client’s system has not yet connected to Collaborati to retrieve the invoice.
Pending Client Approval This Invoice Status specifies that the invoice has been retrieved successfully passing all the validations and your client is reviewing your invoice. 
Approved This Invoice Status specifies that your client has approved the invoice. Note that the invoice might have adjustments. Review the invoice details to verify if there were any adjustments.
Rejected This Invoice Status specifies that the invoice either did not pass the rules (validations) in your client’s system OR that your client reviewed your invoice and then rejected it. To review the invoice details to find out how to fix the invoice, Go to the Invoices Tab > Track Invoices > Click on the relevant Rejected Invoice Number > Click on ‘Printable View’ > Review the Client’s Comment.