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View Client-authorized Billing Codes in Collaborati

Here's the step-by-step guide on viewing Client-authorized Billing Codes in Collaborati.

Task Codes and Expense Codes

The lists of task/fee and expense codes are populated in Collaborati when your client authorizes them.

To view the list of approved and authorized codes please follow the steps below:

  1. Click “Clients” on the top menu bar
  2. Choose your client.
  3. Click the fourth icon from the top on the left navigation menu (“Codes”)
  4. Click "Select Office" to choose the correct Office from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click on either Task Codes (Fees) or Expense Codes to view the list of available codes.
  6. Displayed are the billing codes for this client. You may select which codes you wish to use (by checking the "Use" checkbox) and enter corresponding codes from your internal time and billing system (by editing the "Internal Billing Code" field). 

For example, if your firm always uses "X111" for "Case Administration" you can replace the "B110" in the Internal Billing code field with "X111". 


 If the code you are trying to bill against is not on the list, please contact your client and inquire about the code. Or if there are no codes listed, please contact your client or Collaborati Support for assistance. 

Codes are not checked in the Use column

If you need to use a code, but the code is unchecked in the Use column, find the code in the list and check the box. 

For example, in the screenshot below, B160 and B180  are not checked.  


Here the Use box has been checked for B160 and B180.


Unauthorized Codes

If the code is showing grayed out, and Admin is not able to check it, then the client could have unauthorized the code. The vendor should contact the client if that code is needed for billing.