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Rate Card Logs

The Rate Card Logs hyperlink in the Application & Database sidebar allows administrators and super users to view the full history of changes made to rate cards. The Rate Card Change Log helps to ensure that your department's processes are being followed properly, and allows you to take necessary corrective action when variances occur.


Search the Rate Card Log

Use the search filter above the Rate Card Change Log table to pinpoint specific actions, find changes made during a certain time range, or find changes made by an individual.

  1. Select a Lawtrac user from the "Modified By" drop-down list.
  2. Click the rate_card_logs_hmfile_hash_70e5fd3b.png icons to choose a date range.
  3. Type a description of the change in the "Action" text box.
  4. Click Search to generate results.

Lawtrac logs the following types of changes made: rate change for any fee or expense line item, card deletion, card approval, card uploaded/created, changes made to primary approvers, rate card freeze details, and rate card duplication.


Filter results further by using the arrows (arrow up gray triangle) in the column headers. Click the arrow to toggle data by alphabetical or chronological order.

Click the description of the change that was made under the Click Action to View Details column to open a small pop-up window with the change specifics. Click the 'x' in the top right corner of the window to return to the Rate Card Logs page.

Duplicated Rate Cards

For rate cards which have been duplicated, the pop-up message contains the information of the original and new rate card fiscal year, as well as the LEDES codes affected by the duplication. Deleted rate cards include the information for fiscal year and all deleted LEDES codes.


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