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Accessing Collaborati Settings

The Collaborati Settings page is where synchronization between Lawtrac and Collaborati is managed.

Settings required to start billing a Collaborati client

  • The Firm Account setup in Collaborati is usually done by Mitratech Support. This includes selecting your billing currency, options for uploading or creating invoices, and choosing other settings. This is a one-time setup, and does not need to be updated for each additional client (if any). If you need assistance after your Administrator registers your firm account for Collaborati, please refer to Firm Account Setup Help or contact Mitratech Support.
  • Complete Client Setup procedures. This includes creating and/or assigning timekeepers that will appear on invoices for the client.


Client setup involves reviewing your client's billing codes and optionally associating your firms' codes equivalents, and adding/assigning timekeepers to the client record.

You can complete client setup in one of the following ways:

  • Complete client setup through the wizard that appears after you register your firm's account and create an administrator account related to your firm's account.
  • Complete the client setup task by clicking the Please complete setup for client link from the Collaborati home page, Messages section.
  • Select the Complete Client Setup button from the Clients tab.

Note: The Complete Client Setup button only displays if initial setup for a client hasn't been completed.


Complete the following after client setup:

  1. If you choose to upload LEDES invoices, the application will ask you to enter an internal code for this client. Enter one or more internal client codes (separated by a comma) and click Next.
  2. The application will display client-authorized Task (Fee), Expense and Activity billing codes on the screen (if applicable). Client-authorized Non-US Tax codes will also display.
  3. If you are submitting LEDES invoices, your Time & Billing system may be using different codes. If this is the case, you can indicate your internal billing code equivalent for each applicable code, for each sub-set. By default, it is assumed that you use client codes in your invoices.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select how you will add Timekeepers:
  • By uploading a list of timekeepers (see How do I upload multiple timekeepers?)
  • By entering or assigning individual timekeepers to the client (see How do I assign existing timekeepers to a new client?)
  1. When you have finished assigning or uploading your timekeepers, click Next.
  2. Verify the summary information listed on the screen. Click Finish when you are satisfied with the information stored in your client record.


For assistance, please refer to Client Setup Help or contact Mitratech Support.


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