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Change Invoice Matter

Move invoices from one matter to another.

Administrators or super users can change the matter(s) to which an invoice is associated by moving all or a selection of invoices from one matter to another.

From the Finance Options tab, select Change Invoice Matter from the sidebar under Invoicing.

Change Invoice Matter Link

  1. Locate the invoice you wish to move by selecting the firm/vendor to which the invoice belongs from the drop-down list, then click Next.
  2. Select the matter to which the invoice is posted against from the newly generated "From Matter" drop-down list, then click Next.
    Note: Invoices sent to Accounting/Accounts Payable are not listed.
  3. Select the matter to which you would like to move the invoice(s) from the third generated "To Matter" drop-down list, and click Next again.
    Note: Only matters related the selected firm/vendor are listed.
    Change Invoice Drop-Down Lists
  4. After the final selection, all invoices relating to that firm and matter appear in a table below the drop-down lists.
  5. Select the invoices you wish to move by clicking the corresponding checkbox, then click Finish to confirm.

If your completed selection is successful, a green confirmation notice appears at the top of the refreshed page notifying you of the number of invoices moved.

Important Note: Once the invoice has been moved, the approval chain and invoice handlers automatically reset and approval chain entries are deleted. If the matter was not set with a lead/attorney, the invoice is reset with an empty approval chain. You must adjust the approval chain or add a lead to the matter who can reset the approval chain.

Select Invoices to Move

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