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This page houses an introduction to the Admin guide with additional relevant information for site administrators and super users.

One of the strongest advantages Lawtrac brings to your organization is the ability to configure the software to your company’s particular needs. Much of that configuration occurs through Application Administration, found in the top navigation bar under the My Lawtrac tab. Only personnel at your company with site administrator and/or super user access levels have access to this section from their log-in.

Lawtrac strongly stresses the importance of limiting access to this section. Application Administration contains settings for every other category in the application, including program set-up settings which control the server settings Lawtrac uses to run properly. The changes made through this section affect all users and thus should be carefully considered and controlled according to your organization’s internal needs and policies.

The Lawtrac Administrator User Guide is intended for two types of users:

Super Users

Super users can access all aspects of the Lawtrac application regardless of permission settings or security settings. Your company’s super user should be one who is fully aware of the application’s functionality and how the application is delivered to the users from the server to their web browsers.

Site Administrators

Site administrators are the personnel assigned to perform administrative functions in Lawtrac. Sometimes this can include database management, but most often those functions will be performed by the super users.

Note: As a site administrator or super user it is essential that you do not share your log-in credentials with other users for any reason.

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