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Power Users v Super Users


Power Users:

  • Have super user access only at their OU level.

  • Power Users are given access to manage workflow and employees based on their organisational structure assigned to their employee profile. 

  • Further control on what access Power Users have to various modules can also be controlled at the homepage level. For example, if you wish to allow a Power User to have full OU control of a certain SMARTform and/or Document Mgt. but not employees; you would control this via the group profile links.  

Setting up Power Users

  • Enable 'Power user & Global user setting' keyword:


  • Turn on power user access by OU assignment on the employee profile of the employee that needs to be given the PU access:


Example: if a user has been assigned PU access to OU1 (Belgium), the user will have super user access on all documents and Smartforms raised with OU1:


Power User Functionality:

  • Controlled Documents: Ability to update Author/Reviewer/Approver, meta-data, locked to the PU OU level.
  • Employee Management: Ability to view, create and edit employees in the PU OU level.


  • Smartforms: Ability to view, create and edit all smartforms that belong to PU OU level.