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How to Clear the cache/data on your iOS device

This article helps with the correct procedure on how to clear the Data on the iOS device.


Before completing the below please be aware as you have data on your device this will not appear after you complete the below steps.

How to clear your cache/data on your device for the Integrum Apps

  • Go to the Home screen. Choose Settings.
  • Scroll down to the ‘General’ settings.
  • Now tap on the ‘iPhone storage’ option.


  • Select the IntegrumNow or IntegrumLIVE app
  • Once the app storage page opens, here you’ll find an option called ‘Offload App’
  • Tap on it and confirm the prompt to offload the app from your iPhone


If that doesn't work, Please choose the 'Delete App' option. This will delete the App and all related data from this device.

Note:  IF this still doesn't work you will need to Uninstall & Re-install the Application.

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