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Product Updates - March 2023

1. eFiling Available for FY24 H-1B Registration in INSZoom

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: USA

Applicable Environment: For Users on INSZoom Cloud

Mitratech has completed the required technical changes to support efiling from INSZoom for FY24 H-1B Cap registrations portal, which opened to the public on March 1, 2023, at noon ET. This enables INSZoom users to seamlessly submit electronic registrations from the INSZoom H-1B Registration Module to the myUSCIS registration portal. No additional subscription is required for e-Filing the H-1B Registrations from INSZoom. No additional subscriptions are required to access the H-1B Registration Module for INSZoom Professional and Enterprise users.

While there were minimal changes to the registration portal that may be visible to a legal user, there were underlying technical changes to be addressed before FY24 H-1B Cap registration efiling support is enabled. Given the scope of technical changes to the online registration portal, teams at Mitratech worked hard to make this functionality available as quickly as possible.

Click here to learn more about INSZoom's H-1B Registration Module and efiling H-1B registrations.

Please take note of recommended best practices below before you begin efiling H-1B registrations in INSZoom:

a. efiling for FY24 H-1B registration is only supported using INSZoom’s ‘e-Filing Desktop Add-On’. Click here to learn more about e-Filing Desktop Add-On.

b. It's recommended to always sign out from any active sessions using the 'Sign Out' option in the myUSCIS portal before you begin efiling from INSZoom. 

c. When you are done drafting registrations, or if you need to pause and continue registrations at a later time, or if you are switching between batches of 250 registrations for a company, it's recommended to sign out using the 'Sign Out' option in the myUSCIS portal before you close the INSZoom efiling window. 

d. Exiting the INSZoom desktop efiling app without signing out from the myUSCIS portal may impact your ability to subsequently efile registrations from INSZoom. If this happens, you may have to wait for 15 minutes or longer for your myUSCIS session to refresh before you can resume efiling. 

e. For a better efiling experience, you may add your latest myUSCIS account credentials in INSZoom under Settings > Advanced Settings before you begin efiling. Configuring this setting will autofill your credentials on the myUSCIS login page.

2. Zoom API Enhancements

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: All countries

Applicable Users: For Users subscribed to Zoom API

As part of this release, the Client API endpoint is now enhanced with an additional parameter 'Candidate / Prospective Employee Id'. Users with a Subscription to Zoom API can now send/ update the Candidate/ Prospective Employee ID while creating/ updating a client(FN) via Zoom API.

Application UI Reference: Client(FN) Profile > Candidate/ Prospective Employee ID


3. Global Framework Updates

a. Germany Questionnaires Updates

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: Germany

INSZoom Global Framework library is enhanced with additional questionnaires for the following Germany Immigration applications.

  Form/Questionnaire Name Country Support
1 Application for Registration in Frankfurt Germany Questionnaire only
2 Application for Registration in Munich Germany Questionnaire only
3 Application for Registration in Berlin Germany Questionnaire only
4 Declaration on the Application for a Residence Permit (1st Declaration) - Munich Germany Questionnaire only
5 Declaration on the Application for a Residence Permit (2nd Declaration) - Munich Germany Questionnaire only
b. Support for IRCC (Canada) French Barcode Form

Applicable Editions: Enterprise

Applicable Country Subscription: Canada

Currently, INSZoom supports only the English version of the Canadian form mentioned below. With this release, INSZoom has extended the support for the French barcode form. 

SN Form ID Form/Questionnaire Name Country Support
1 IMM1295F-BC IMM1295F: Demande D'un Permis De Travail Présentée À L'extérieur Du Canada Canada English and French BC form
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