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Product Updates - December 2023

Updates to Zoom Calendar Sync for Case Managers Using Google Calendar

Applicable Editions: Enterprise, Professional

Applicable Country Subscription: All Countries

As part of the December release, Mitratech will be implementing a significant technical update to the Zoom Calendar Sync specifically for case managers utilizing Google Calendar. 

Effective December 01, 2023, Google Calendar will cease syncing with the case manager’s INSZoom Calendar for all users in your Firm, utilizing Zoom Calendar Sync. To ensure uninterrupted use of the Zoom calendar sync, case managers utilizing Google calendar sync must re-authenticate within INSZoom using their Google account.

Please follow the outlined steps below to re-authenticate with your Google account:

1. To re-authenticate, the Case Managers can navigate to Setup > Subscriptions > Zoom Calendar Sync and click on 'Modify' button.

2. Date of previous authentication with the Google account can be seen on the Sign In screen. Click on 'Sign in with Google' button. 

3. Choose the Google account previously used for authentication and follow the on-screen instructions. 

4. After you select and submit your Google Calendar account, a successful authorization message will be displayed. 

For more information on Google Calendar authentication for Zoom Calenar Sync, please refer to the success article here.


  • Calendars will only sync events added or updated in INSZoom after the re-authentication. Events added in INSZoom before re-authentication will not be synced.

  • This update doesn’t include any functional changes to the Zoom Calendar Sync feature. 

  • This update is not applicable if your Firm is using the Zoom Calendar Sync feature to sync events with Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Calendar.

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