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H-1B Registration with INSZoom (FY2021+)

INSZoom has developed an H-1B Registration tool to help manage the H-1B Registration process - record management, status management, communication, billing and reporting. However, actual registration will still need to be completed through the myUSCIS portal. 

Features & Functions:

  • Collect and validate data for H-1B registrations (both employer & beneficiary data)
  • Bulk import of H-1B Registration beneficiary data into INSZoom from a prepared spreadsheet (template provided by INSZoom)
  • Be Registration Ready - Validate data for completeness, accuracy and for potential duplicate records prior to Registration in myUSCIS
  • E-File H-1B registrations from INSZoom (using the new e-Filing Desktop Add-on)
  • Bulk Status Update using INSZoom (upload the .csv export from myUSCIS H-1B Registrations directly to INSZoom)
  • Track and manage H-1B Registrations using the new ‘H-1B Registration’ dashboard in INSZoom (overall & by each employer)
  • Broadcast mass communications with both Employers and Beneficiaries throughout the process
  • Manage Billing with Corporate clients for the Registration
  • Advanced Reporting on H-1B registration for Firm and Corporation Users


1. Data Collection:

Bulk H-1B Beneficiary import template

Login to INSZoom and click here to download the bulk H-1B Beneficiary Import template. You can also download it in INSZoom from the following path:

Setup > Help > Downloads > INSZoom Help Files > H-1B Cap Electronic Registration Data Collection Template

Create one excel sheet (template) per corporation/employer. Add the H-1B beneficiary data in each, as appropriate, and save it to your local system. 

Pre-requisite to prepare the source template for Importing beneficiaries:

The First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Date of Birth are the required fields to import the beneficiaries into the system. Ensure these required fields are filled correctly to avoid validation errors. 

Sample H-1B beneficiary import template (note the duplicate and invalid records)

Once the template data has been collected, navigate to the new H-1B Registration left menu item at a Corporation/Employer directly or from the main H-1B Registration Module menu item, and click the Corporation/Employer name. 

*If you are unable to see this left menu item, please ensure you have “United States of America” as a country linked. (My Settings > My INSZoom > Country)


2. Pre-Registration:

Start from an existing corporation/employer or create a new one if not existing. Click the "H-1B Registration" option in the left menu. Click the "Corporation Details" tab to update the necessary employer details required for the H-1B Registration submissions.

Click on the "H-1B Beneficiaries" tab. Click the "Import Beneficiaries" button to import your list from the template. Simply drag & drop the completed template onto the drop-zone or click “browse” to locate and identify it.  Then click “Upload & verify”.

Click “Start import” when ready to add to import the records into the selected Corporation/Employer or review errors/exceptions identified by the system and correct in the template and re-upload.

  clipboard_ef7267544e616688d2cac5ed7b08fdf8c.png              clipboard_ecaa87ca32f584e5ae2b3c689a2ea3bc5.png

Invalid/duplicate records Validation:

A record is considered Invalid/ duplicate on the following conditions-

  • If the mandatory fields First Name, Last Name, Gender, and DOB(incorrect month/ date/ year) are missing, then the record is considered as invalid record. 
  • If the passport number matches with an existing foreign national record, then the record is considered a duplicate regardless of other FN data.
  • If the FirstName, LastName, and DOB is matching an existing record under all Corporations, then the record is considered a duplicate.

You can click "Start Over", correct the data in the sheet (template) and upload it again.  Or you can “Continue Anyway” and move forward with importing the invalid record(s) and updating the matching duplicate foreign national records. 

If the import is successful, the following screen will be displayed:

Click an H-1B Beneficiary name in the "H-1B Beneficiaries" tab to view/update the specific information required for the registration submission if needed.



If a Foreign National already exists in the system but is not present in the template and you would like to include them in the Registration submission, use the "All Beneficiaries" tab, locate & select the beneficiary and click "Include for H-1B Registration".


You can view all logs of imported data in the "Import Logs" tab. This will help you validate and audit what data was imported specifically.

Note: If you choose "Continue Anyway", after importing the invalid and the matching duplicate record(s), the system lists these record(s) under Import logs as 'Invalid/ Failed or Duplicate'.

clipboard_e8237bd20c7ee9feb554d0e28893ff509.png clipboard_e3bf81fad2ed24626585aca7da15ad4a7.png

Click “My Uploads” for a list of uploaded templates and the date/time stamp of the import. They can be downloaded and reviewed if necessary to view exactly what was imported.

Other features after Import:

After importing the beneficiaries, the duplicate records under the ‘Invalid/Failed or duplicates’ table have two features-

  • Add -   A pop-up appears with the duplicate FN details and when a user clicks on ‘Save’ it warns the user that the beneficiary record already exits along with two functions – ‘Start over’ & ‘Proceed Anyway’.


clipboard_e6a7bdc7e257abda39494059ac35297d2.png  clipboard_e2740b678f1c6296346350de3536a1be2.png

Clicking on ‘Start over’ would navigate the users back to the beneficiary details screen. And clicking on ‘Proceed Anyway’ would add the beneficiary under the selected H1B fiscal year. 

  • Update - A pop-up appears with the duplicate beneficiary name and ID. When a user clicks ‘Update’, the existing beneficiary record is updated with details from the duplicate record.(Ex. DOB)



Note:  If a user selects the options ‘Update matching duplicate records’ or ‘Add’ or ‘Update’, then the beneficiary records would no longer have the Add or Update function and are displayed with the green tick box against the beneficiary record.



3. Registration (E-File to myUSCIS H-1B Registration portal)

Once you are ready for registration with the H-1B Beneficiary records for a specific Corporate Client, click the ‘E-File’ button (‘H-1B Beneficiaries’ tab)


For first-time users, the e-filing Desktop Add-on needs to be installed on the system. After installation, users can seamlessly e-file H-1B Registrations to myUSCIS. 

If you are using the Desktop Add-on for the first time, click on ‘download and start e-filing’ to download the installation file. Once the file is downloaded, double-click the file to begin the installation of the add-on and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.



If the Add-on is already installed on your computer, a popup message appears at the top of the browser screen. Click on ‘Open INSZoom e-filing Desktop Add-on' to start the e-filing process.

Continue to log in with your myUSCIS credentials. All H-1B Registration Beneficiary records with the status of ’Pending Registration’ will be included for submission to myUSCIS portal.

*Note – if more than 250 H-1B beneficiaries exist in the corporation list, a batch of the first 250 beneficiaries pending for registration will be sent over to the myUSCIS Registration portal. This is in line with myUSCIS limit of 250 or fewer beneficiaries per submission.



Important points to consider: 

  1. When the e-filing is in progress in myUSCIS portal there will be a blue color progress bar at the top (a line between the header content and the government website), which shows the progress of the data transfer to the myUSCIS portal. Until the progress bar is completed user should not click on the “Next or Continue” button on the online form page.
  2. E-filing/data auto-population will not be completed if you close the Desktop Add-on during the e-filing process and the form data might not get saved in myUSCIS portal. Do not interrupt the e-filing process in between unless it is absolutely necessary.

For more information, refer to the e-Filing Desktop Add-on Help article.





Once logged into the myUSCIS portal, INSZoom e-Filing Desktop Add-on will attempt to locate the specific Corporate Client in the existing client list on the myUSCIS portal. If it is not able to locate then the e-filing program will add the specific Corporate Client. Click on ‘Start a form’ when all fields on the screen are populated.





If the corporate client record already exists, locate the client and click ‘Start a form’ (follow on-screen instructions)




INSZoom’s e-filing Desktop Add-on will then populate data into myUSCIS portal. 




Click 'OK' on the above prompt, and almost instantly, you will notice all the required data for the Employer, Authorized Signatory, and the related Beneficiaries from INSZoom H-1B Registration module created in your myUSCIS registration case in draft mode.


Review the data populated by INSZoom E-File program for accuracy before you submit the registration.

After the successful H-1B Registration in myUSCIS portal, please return to INSZoom and update the related H-1B Beneficiary record(s) with status- 'Submitted'. This step is vital to ensuring the H-1B BNF Registration status is in sync between both INSZoom and the myUSCIS portal registration.

*note – you can manually update BNF Registration status per beneficiary or you can also do a bulk update using the .csv export directly from the myUSCIS registration and upload to INSZoom (see bulk update feature)

Continue to manually enter the Beneficiary Confirmation Number & Submission date and click “Save”.

Note – if Selected, the Confirmation Number will flow to the subsequent H-1B Case and forms created as necessary


4. Bulk Status Update – using .csv export from myUSCIS H-1B Registration

Using the .csv export directly from the myUSCIS H-1B Registration submission, users can update data in INSZoom in a bulk fashion! Simply download from your myUSCIS registration and upload directly to INSZoom at the corporation/ employer’s H-1B Registration module.

Find the appropriate corporation/ employer and click “Bulk Update”


Simply upload the .csv directly as downloaded/exported from the myUSCIS registration.  The system will check for an exact matching record first, and if found, will update the appropriate beneficiary registration data. If a match is found, the “Status”, “BNF Confirmation Number” and “Submitted Date” will be updated. If the system is unable to find a match, an error alert will be provided to the user that an update cannot be made to those records.

The Bulk Update feature can be utilized throughout the H-1B process, for Registrations that are Selected, Denied, or subsequently Not Selected.

Now that H-1B Registrations are complete, you can use INSZoom's billing module to generate invoices directly in the beneficiary profiles.

5. Selection - Mass Communications with Clients (Employers or Beneficiaries)

INSZoom’s “Broadcast” message tool can be accessed at Setup > Settings > Organization Tools > Broadcast Messages. Click on "New message" and in the "Choose Recipients" drop-down, choose the "Import your own List" option. Here you can upload the recipient list to broadcast messages to multiple beneficiaries.

If the beneficiary list is not large, then you can send the email individually from the respective beneficiary profile.


6. H-1B Petition Filing

The new Registration Phase has been added to our related process modules – "H-1B Registration" and "H-1B Process Module". New fields related to H-1B Registration are available under the “Process Fields” tab. 

Go to: Knowledgebase >> Petition Details (select Petition) >> Process Module

Registration Submitted On

Registration Status - Selected, Denied

Selected On

Beneficiary Confirmation Number – unique identifier received from myUSCIS which will flow to the required form(s)

Last Date to File H-1B Petition -- Date specified in selection notice

Denial Date

If you are using the H-1B petition type for H-1B cap cases, click on "Process Module" in the left menu and attach the "H-1B Process Module" module if not already attached.

In the Beneficiary’s FY2021+ H-1B case profile, go to the Process Module / Process Fields and select “2021” in the “H-1B Cap Fiscal Year”.

The appropriate H-1B Registration section will then be displayed and will pre-populate the information maintained in the H-1B Registration Module.

Note - Applicable only to FY2021+ cap-subject H-1B petitions

*Note – fields will be displayed dynamically based on the Status value selection and data will flow to appropriate forms wherever required

We hope this helps you in managing the new H-1B FY2021+ Registration and cap-subject petition features and functions, but in case you need any support or additional guidance please reach out directly via the in-app support chat feature or via

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