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QuickBooks Sync

QuickBooks Sync

What does it offer?

QuickBooks Sync offers the following values to users:

  • QuickBooks Sync enables a user to sync Invoices and/or Payments between INSZoom and QuickBooks Online account to make sure all the financial data is in one place.
  • Improves efficiency, transparency, and collaboration between different roles such as Case Worker, Attorney and Bookkeeper and/or Billing team. 
  • Improves operational efficiency of the firm and individual staff by keeping the Invoices and/or Payments synced between INSZoom and QuickBooks Online.
  • Improves tracking for receivables and prevents revenue leakage when Immigration service is offered and tracked from INSZoom while QuickBooks could be used for Managing receivables.

How to get started with QuickBooks Sync?

  • QuickBooks Sync is a Subscription feature and Users need to get started with Subscribing to QuickBooks sync from the Main navigation menu, hover over Setup > Click on Subscriptions > Click on QuickBooks Sync. 

  • Once QuickBooks sync is subscribed and successfully setup, users can start using QuickBooks Sync from Main navigation menu > Billing.


How it works?

QuickBooks sync primarily has two interfaces:

1. Subscription and Setup for QuickBooks Sync 

a. Subscription: INSZoom Super users from the Firm can subscribe to QuickBooks sync from the Main navigation menu, hover over Setup > Click on Subscriptions > Click on QuickBooks Sync.

b. Choosing Sync Model: Once QuickBooks sync is subscribed; user will need to setup QuickBooks Sync by choosing a Sync model that best suits their practice. User will have the option to choose between two Sync models:

Model 1: Use INSZoom for Invoicing, receiving & managing Payments. This will enable Unidirectional sync of Customers (Payer), Invoices & Payments from INSZoom to QuickBooks Online for reconciliation.

Model 2: Use INSZoom for Invoicing; QuickBooks for receiving & managing Payments. This will enable Invoices from INSZoom to Sync with QuickBooks online and Payments from QuickBooks online to sync with INSZoom. 

With Model 2, all options to Receive & Record payments, Payment Plan, Credit/ Escrow will be disabled in INSZoom Billing.

c. Authenticating with QuickBooks Online: Once the Sync Model is chosen, the user will have to Authenticate with QuickBooks Online account to authorize INSZoom.

d. Mapping Billing templates/ Content: As part of the QuickBooks Sync setup, User is provided with a utility to Map the INSZoom Billing templates with QuickBooks Online (Payer, Fee items). This is a one-time activity (optional but recommended) to ensure Invoices are synced against the right Customers & Services in QuickBooks Online. Mapping the Payers and Fee items using the utility ensures data integrity between INSZoom and QuickBooks. Nevertheless, users may skip this step and activate QuickBooks sync; map the items on-demand during each sync process.

2. Syncing with QuickBooks Online

Once QuickBooks Sync is successfully activated, users can navigate to the Invoice list by clicking the’ View Invoices’ button or navigating to Billing from the Main navigation menu. Invoices created in INSZoom after activation of QuickBooks Sync will be available for sync to QuickBooks Online.

Users can sync an Invoice with QuickBooks by clicking, ‘Sync Now’ against a specific Invoice.

Users can also multi-select invoices to do bulk sync using, ‘Sync to QuickBooks’ button on the top.

If an Invoice is changed/ revised in INSZoom after it’s posted to QuickBooks, the Invoice action changes to ‘Sync Again’ notifying the user to sync the Invoice again with QuickBooks

Anytime a payment is received/ recorded in QuickBooks (Only for Model 2), against an Invoice synced from INSZoom it is automatically posted from QuickBooks to INSZoom. Also, a visual clue is shown in the interface against Invoices that had a recent payment posted from QuickBooks Online.

Sync Log Report:

Users have access to the Sync logs from the Invoice List > Split menu option nested under ‘Sync to QuickBooks’ or from Subscriptions > QuickBooks Sync > Sync Log Report. Sync log records all the activities and errors (if any) from the QuickBooks sync operation.



Fields that sync between INSZoom and QuickBooks Online

The mapping of the Invoices and Payment fields that get synced between INSZoom and QuickBooks is given below for reference of the users.

1. Payer Fields:

Note: If the Payer is a corporation, Billing person's details will flow into the Customer Details of QuickBooks.

2. Invoice Fields:


3. Fee Items:


4. Payment Fields:

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