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INSZoom:-Forgot Password feature to reset INSZoom password

Learn how to reset INSZoom password


Case managers and other INSZoom users tend to forget the answer to the Security question required to reset INSZoom password. This leads to unnecessary support requests to INSZoom support or Firm administrator to reset password. With Forgot Password using OTP, we have empowered users to directly reset their passwords by authenticating themselves using a one-time-password (OTP) that is sent to their registered email IDs in INSZoom.

Value Proposition

Forgot Password using OTP provides the following benefits to INSZoom users:

  • No hassle of calling/contacting INSZoom support or your Firm administrator to reset INSZoom portal password in case you have forgotten the answer to the security question.
  • Simple one-step self-service process to reset INSZoom password using an OTP.
  • Saves valuable productive time of Case Managers, Firm administrators and other INSZoom users.
  • Industry Standard OTP key and Self-service password reset process incorporated for easy adoption by all users.

Getting Started

The process to reset INSZoom password using an OTP in case you have forgotten your existing password is an industry standard process which is used by most of the technology giants.

Please follow the steps given below in case you have forgotten your password-

1. Click on the 'Forgot your User ID/Password?' link on the login page.

forgot user ID or password.png

2. Enter your User ID/Login ID on the next page that opens. Click on the reCAPTCHA checkbox and then click on the 'RESET PASSWORD' button.

Enter UserID.png

3. You will receive an email from INSZoom on your registered email ID with the OTP required to reset the portal password. Enter the OTP given in the email on the Enter OTP screen.


 4. Enter the new password and then confirm the same password. Click on the reCAPTCHA checkbox and then click on the 'RESET PASSWORD' button.

reset your password.png

 5. Click on the 'LOGIN' button to be redirected to INSZoom login page to enter the new password and log into the INSZoom application.

login again.png

login again with new password.png


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