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Advanced Case Request

This Overview demonstrates the process of Advance Case Request


What does it offer? 

Case request provides workflow platform for Corp Users and Foreign Nationals to submit new case requests to a firm and firm staff to track and manage these case requests. This feature helps firms to track, assign and manage the case requests, thus streamlining the overall process instead of the traditional way of working through multiple emails.

Firms can configure custom case request templates by corporation

Advance Case Request 

“Advance Case Request” allows advance configuration options as well as defining multiple workflow templates by corporation, by country, and by visa types. It is available for Enterprise edition only.

Advanced Case Request was designed to help case manager's create templates for Foreign Nationals and Corporations to initiate a request for the Foreign National. The Employees of a Corporation would have specific roles in using the Advanced Case Request Template (ACR) to start the process of initiating a case for the Foreign National. This is a subscription feature and you'll need to reach out to the INSZoom Accounts team to enable it.

The Case Request revolves around three significant roles:

  1. Initiator: an individual or group from the Corporation, or the Foreign National who initiates the request for case processing. In most cases, the initiator is the Employee of the Corporation but it could also be the Team Lead, Manager, etc.
  2. Creator: an individual or group from the Corporation, or the Foreign National would be responsible for the creation of the Case Request. Ideally the Creator’s role is played by the Managers or Supervisor of the employee for whom the case request is under progress. The Creator has the ability to initiate a request too.
  3. Approver: individual or group who approves the request for case processing on behalf of the employee. This entity could be the HR Manager or the Administrative Contact of the Corporation. The Approver has the ability to initiate and create requests.

Example- First the request is initiated by the (Initiator) Team Lead. After it has been initiated the request is sent to the manager (Creator) to be created. Third and final step is sent to the HR Manager (Approver) who will reject or approve the case that will be sent for processing. Once the ACR has been approved the case manager will see this in their Case Request list and decide whether they will accept this case or not.


Getting Started with Advance Case Request

Configuration - By corporation or for all corporations in Knowledge-Base 

Case Request Email Templates: This is where you would define ALL the e-mail templates that would be needed for this case request.

Search Filter: This is what the corp-user can use to search for a particular foreign national in their own HR Portal.

Case Request Templates: each template contain details such as Petition Type, Template Name, Template Description, Eligibility Criteria, Questionnaire, Steps, Events etc.

Country: Select the country that you would like for this template. Each country has their own petitions. The default is United States. Adding additional countries would be an additional fee. Please submit ticket to INSZoom for our Accounts team to enable additional countries.

Click on the 'Add' button to create an ACR Template.

You can copy an existing Advanced Case Request Template that was created by your firm.

Petition Type: This gives you the option to copy any pre-existing petitions that are already in Knowledge Base

Below are the options that you can customize per ACR template-

  1. Template Name/Description
  2. Eligibility Criteria
  3. Comments/Reasons
  4. Template For > Client, Relative, or Both (Will only appear in the Foreign National Portal)
  5. Processing Type > Regular, Premium, or Both
  6. Can Assign Co-Applicant- This option will only appear when the Employee is already in the system with a relative/dependent linked to them.



Roles: these options signify the roles played by the employees of the corporation. As mentioned earlier the three primary roles in the ACR process are the Initiator, Creator, and Approver.

  • Initiator - one who will initiate/trigger/start the case request process.

  • Creator - one who will provide more details for the case request such as questionnaires, documents.

  • Approver - one who will approve the request.

In order for a Case request to be processed a Case must first be initiated, and then Created, and finally Approved. These roles can be defined for the particular Case Request Template in the Roles. You can link all three or only have two roles. If you do not select the Approver Role, then the ACR will automatically be accepted and sent to the case manager's Case Request List as know as Auto-Approver.

Click on one of the roles and select Edit for this page to appear.


You can select 'All Corporate Employees' which will allow ALL Foreign National employees to initiate and/or create their own ACR from the Foreign National Portal. When you select 'All Corporate' then all the Corporate Employees (excluding the Foreign National) can approve ACR's.

Docs Check List: This is a list of documents that are submitted by the Initiator or Creator of the ACR. This is typically a list of documents that you would need from the Foreign National while the case is being requested. When linking the Docs Check List the data is selected from 'Knowledge Base' > 'Documents'.

Steps: Is customized/defined by the case manager to mark the progress of initiating the case to approving the case request.

Once the step(s) have been created you will see a lightening bolt icon. This is to link an event to the step.

Note: There are no pre-defined alerts set for Advance Case Request. All alerts need to configured using the 'Events' function.

Questionnaire: you can link general questionnaire(s) for the Initiator and/or the Creator to complete that would pertain to the Foreign National's case.

Events: Events/Occurrences and the respective action to be performed at the onset/occurrence/conclusion of the event can be defined in the Events.

These are the options that you can select for an Event.

You can select Change Step Status which will select a specific Step that you have created.

You can select 'Send Email' set as Background (automatically sent to the respective person), or User Interface which will allow you to edit before the e-mail is sent out.

If you select the Change Step Status it will ask you which status would you like to select.

Once the Status is selected, it will show the final product, but you can always go back to edit.

Case Managers: link case manager(s) that would be responsible for managing cases under this particular Advanced Case Request Template. They are also the main point of contact.

After the request has been approved, the case manager will see the case request in INSZoom. The case manager has the option to approve or reject the potential case.

Eligibility Criteria: When initiating a Case Request for an Employee under the particular Advanced Case Request Template there can be certain criteria that the Employees must meet. These criteria can be defined in the Eligibility Criteria in Knowledge Base. The ACR cannot be initiated if the Employee does not meet all the eligibility criteria defined. This is only available for the Case Manager to view.

Reference Docs: These are Documents that the Foreign National can refer to when submitting the ACR through the Foreign National Portal.

How it works for Corp User/ Foreign National? (HR Portal)

Initiator: The role can only initiate a request. In the Case Request option you can select if you wish to initiate a Case By Adding a new Employee in the System or For an Existing Employee in the System.

For Example: Ivan is in the Initiator Group. In his HR Portal, he can initiate a case request for a new or existing employee. He will need to fill out this information before proceeding to the next step.

  • Once you select Save, the recently added employee, will now appear in the Case Request Needing Action.
  • If you had selected a questionnaire for the Initiator to complete it will appear here, or this other window will appear to submit or save and close. Click Submit to send to the Creator. Save and Close only saves the initiation to be edited at a later time.

Creator's HR Portal: The Creator role can bypass the initiator and initiate a case request, and complete the generic questionnaire(s) that pertain to the client and upload documents that are necessary.

Example now that Ivan the initiator has submitted Alvin's initial request, the creator can now review his part of the case request.

  • When the Creator clicks on Review he will fill out the questionnaire and upload the respective documents.
  • Once the Creator has completed the questionnaire he can click next. He can either Submit and send it off to the Approver or click save and close to work on it later.

Approver: This role can review the case request and approve or reject, and send the request back for clarification. The approver has the ability to initiate and create a case request.

Example- William is the Approver. He can review the information including the questionnaire(s) and the documents.

  • The Approver (William) has the option to Approve, Reject, or send for Clarification back to the initiator and/or creator.
  • Once the request has been approved, the case manager will see this in the Case Request list.
  • When the case manager clicks on Create Case, you will get a chance to review the details before adding the case. You can also decide to Reject or Send for Clarification.
  • When you select Add Case you will be brought to the page where you can add a case for this client.
  • When you click on Choose Petition it will only give you the selection of petitions that you have created for the Case Request Template.

How it works for Case Manager?

Case manager can view all case requests at

  1. ZoomBoard

  2. Case > Case Request

Case manager can accept or reject new requests. If accepted, case manager will create a case by selecting appropriate Petition Type.

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